Hi, my name is Danette and I have had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Mr. Joey LaFata on the phone recently, all thanks to my friend Kimmy (whom I love dearly). My friend called me and told me she knew this wonderful guy who did weddings (knowing I had recently become engaged after 8 1/2 yrs of courtship (bout time huh?), she said he was wonderful and I would love him and he was AFFORDABLE!

She asked me if she could give him my email addy, well I said sure why not will give it a shot cause if SHE thinks he’s Wonderful than He MUST BE! SO I gave him a little shout with my number and right away I had the pleasure of meeting him (though only on the phone) I knew right away he was a NICE person, so PERSONABLE and very excited to be meeting Me which is an awesome feeling! We chatted briefly and I said I would call back after I talked with my fiancé! Well we decided it was time to make an appointment with Joe and I gave him a call! We had the most incredible chat I felt Like I was Talking with MY BEST FRIEND! We will meet in person soon and I have a feeling that our Wedding will be INCREDIBLE with the HELP of Joe and I am grateful. Looking for to the beginning of a great friendship!
Danette & Roy
Thanx Joey,
We enjoyed your visit, you made and left a lasting & good impression, so I am eager to see you deliver. I am a tough sell with everything, always looking for a good deal; but you made it a very easy decision, by offering A1 service and working with our budget. Thanx for your persistence, It will pay off for us in August, and I know it’ll pay off for you with the referrals we send. Oh yeah, I get $50 per!!!! C U soon!
Ehimen & Ibha
Hi Joey,
I wanted to Thank YOU for helping create the PERFECT WEDDING for my daughter. You captured every moment for us from walking in to meet for the Rehearsal to the last dance and Everything in between. You captured moments I missed and I am Thankful to have the Beautiful Pictures you took. It’s like I never missed a thing. Thanks for making sure EVERYTHING was set up just right for the ceremony and keeping the rain away as requested. The cake could not have been more perfect, THANKS for taking care of that, it was BEAUTIFUL!
Thanks Again,
Kari Brenner
Hello Joey,
Our whole wedding ceremony & reception was so BEAUTIFUL and really ran smoothly. Everything was done so Professionally and Efficiently. Thank You Joe for making our Wedding Day very Special!
Andrea Brenner
I just wanted to let you know that I spoke to Joe and we are going with him as our Wedding Photographer. I did not speak to anyone else because I felt Joe was very personable and had fair prices. Thank You Joey!
Erica Johnson
Joey was my photographer for my wedding last year. All brides know you want everything to be perfect, and that Joey was. He is so friendly and personable, and can definitely make you laugh. At my reception my DJ didn’t play any of the fun music we talked about, but Joey ran out to his car and grabbed his cd’s and finally we had music we had heard of. He was out there on the dance floor getting everyone going, it was great!
Love Always,
Thank You for all that you have done for our Wedding Joey,
Love Stacy
Hello Joey,
YOUR WEB SITE LOOKS WONDERFUL! I really feel that this site expresses you and your beautiful work in an exquisite way. VERY PROFESSIONAL! Thank you again for your hard work, encouragement, and stress free attitude. You are AWESOME!
Dear Joey,
It was nice to see you last week from doing our Wedding pictures a year later. Thanks for your help of making our stay in our hotel ENJOYABLE. Kyla is beautiful, I love her personality. I will keep you in mind as friends get engage for their Weddings here in Chicago.
Love Carrie & TJ
Hi Joey,
It was great to meet you also. I enjoyed looking at your photographs – such great wedding celebration moments. I appreciate your Guidance in planning my wedding. THANK YOU again! Brandi
Hey Joey,
Ingrid and I enjoyed the photos! Zach Roberson, Morning Show Producer WMGF-FM Magic 107.7
These photos are something that I will cherish a lifetime! The quality of his work is absolutely first rate and he tends to bring an unparalleled attitude and demeanor to the job site making it a much brighter place for everyone. Thank you Joe for all of who you are and all of what you are capable of, but also for your spirit. You truly are an awesome photographer. I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with you and if you ever get out to Arizona you’ll have plenty of assignments from me and all of my wedding planners.
Sincerely, Tanya
They are Beautiful! I will show them to my clients!
Catering Sales Manager – Holiday Inn of Cocoa Beach
Thanks for the quote we feel that the price is awesome and you will be hearing back from us real soon! Kristine & Scott
I can see the quality in your work! William Websites
Thank You, again, for your last minute services. However, moreover, Thank You for being so much more than OUR Photographer! Just so that you are aware, I think that Brandon would agree with me saying –> Aside from getting married, YOU were OUR Favorite attraction this visit! YOU WERE SO HELPFUL & FUN ! ! ! THANK YOU THANK YOU ! ! ! Thank You for offering to pick us up at the airport as well !! W O W zAA ! Who’s that unabashedly kind to strangers these days ?? THANK YOU !! God bless You and your Family, Joey ! The next time we’re in town, we might have to see if our most recent FAVORITE attraction is available. YOU! 🙂 YOU were a large part of why we had a lovely time ! YOU gave us memories that will be in OUR heart forever — I know that I keep saying this —
THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mandy & Brandon
Mr. LaFata’s photography was requested for my son’s first Formal Military Ball for Junior ROTC and his work was Exceptional. I love the pictures and CD of photos that I have to show everyone who walks into my house AND they always ask who took the pictures as they are in awe at the quality. He does Excellent work and comes highly recommended by me.
Tricia, RN Nurse
Joey, You are such a great photographer! We love your style and quality. Thanks for shooting our Fashion Show. The photos were amazing! We will definitely be calling you for our next Fashion Show!
Amber Rogers – L’Allure Boutique, Cocoa Beach
Joey is very professional and thorough. I never thought I could look like that when I received my photos. He is very determined to take me where I want to go in my Modeling/Acting career. And hopefully good things are to come.
Thanks, Joe. April Lynn
Thanks Joey You did a very Professional job, mixed well with all friends and family who attended the 50th Birthday Celebration. You did an OUTSTANDING job. We had a lot of laughs that night and I am glad You and Joe II were part of it. Beth Joey, I would like to say that YOU gave me the Best Service & Pictures I ever had! You made me feel comfortable when we did the pictures on location, as well as choosing what will be on my portfolio with your recommendation. You gave me positive feedback one on one and made me feel what’s best. I Thank You for keeping in touch with me and showing the proof of the Comp Card prior of final printing. FYI to all…Capture the Moment by LaFata looks out for you and representing me to be an actor…trust in him…
YOU WILL GO FAR! He’s a GREAT person, you’ll see! THANKS Joe!
Dear Joey,
I just want to Thank You Joe for taking time out of your busy life. To travel from Cocoa Beach, Fla. to Conway, SC where I live. To do my wonderful and very professional looking portfolio. That could get me noticed in the modeling field. Not to mention the fact that you are willing to come to our wedding and do our wedding pictures. At a very reasonable price for everything you did and all the time it took. I know I said this before, but Joe you are one of the best individuals that I have every known. I truly mean that, you are so patience and wonderful, as well as, fun, exciting and joyful person to work with. You made me feel so safe and you are a very trust-worthy person. I feel so honored to have you do my photo’s, because I would not let just anyone take my photo. When we meet four years ago at our daughter’s National Finals Pageant in Orlando, Fla. You told me of all your wonderful talent, but to see it; is to believe it. Your work was totally awesome and I hope that I have the chance for you to do my daughter Jennifer’s portfolio for her next pageant. I know she is sure to be a winner and you’ll make her a model yet. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING!!!! Deb Mitro Conway, South Carolina
Hello my name is Stacey Andre. I hired Joey LaFata to take pictures of my daughter Loran. Also for completing her Comp Card & Portfolio to be a young model. Joe is a Wonderful photographer, he works very well with children, my daughter felt very comfortable with him. We went on location in Cocoa Beach, FL. He picked beautiful sites to take the pictures at. Once we were done with the pictures we returned home at his house. I was getting ready to leave and as I tried to start my car it didn’t click over. Joey being the GREAT guy that he is said “Stacey don’t worry we will get it running”. He asked some neighbors to help jump start the car but it didn’t work. So we tried jump starting the car. We got it started and off I went. When I got home I turned the car off and once again it would not start. Joey called me to see how the car was and I told him it still wasn’t wanting to start. He said he was going to come and pick me up to take me to Walmart and we would get a new battery. Joe even hooked the new battery up for me. Joe is not only a GREAT photographer but also a great friend. As for the pictures of my daughter they turned out WONDERFUL! He takes outstanding pictures. So, if your looking for thee Photographer to make your events, weddings, birthdays, family functions etc… Joey is your guy! Thanks so much Joe for everything you have done. You’re the bomb diggidy!
Stacey Andre
Joey, thanks for the great pictures! Our personal favorites are of us on the beach. Very professional. I would highly recommend Joey for anyone wanting to get married on the beach.
Garrett & Tanya Durham Deltona, FL
I just wanted to let you know that I spoke with Joey and we are going with him as our photographer. I did not speak with the other photographer because I felt Joey was very personable and had fair prices.
Thank you. Erica Johnson
Thanks for letting me know your decision. Joey will do a fine job for you.
Beautiful Pictures! Salli 🙂
Hi Joey, your pictures look great! Rebecca
You did a really GREAT job, I Appreciate it a lot. The pictures came out GREAT! Thanks Joey!!!! Beth
GREAT PICTURES! Thanks for everything! I sure do appreciate all the extra help and understanding you are giving me. I sure do wish there were more people in the world like YOU! Thanks again for everything you are doing for us. We Appreciate it. Michelle 🙂
I just wanted to let you know that I received the pictures yesterday. They turned out beautiful. Dan & I were Extremely pleased with everything. Thanks for everything! Thanks again, Kim
I wanted to let you know how completely HAPPY we were with our wedding pictures. Not only were our pictures Phenomenal, but YOU went above and beyond our expectations the day of the wedding. I sincerely Thank You. I will Undoubtedly Recommend You to anyone looking for a Photographer. Thank You for all of your help and the Beautiful memories hanging on our walls.
Sincerely, The new Mrs. Wood
We are not sure what you said in that letter to the courthouse but IT WORKED! We received our license today. Thank you very much! Nathan
YOU took some Wonderful pictures that Julie and I both will treasure for many years. I knew I was taking a big chance by arranging everything over the internet with no references from anyone I knew, but I feel we found a group of people with very High Integrity and a Great Compassion for their clients. Once again Thank-You so much for everything,
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Abner
EXCELLENT SERVICE! Joey is an awesome rep for Global Travel. He should receive an extra bonus on top of his commission on this from you folks. He has given me all the attention a customer should received when called upon at a moments notice. We are passing his name everywhere as a result!
You’re amazing!! I will make my own verbal ads for you when talking to people. Brandon and I have already mentioned what an Incredible Photographer we had, who made our wedding so much more awesome, almost every time we get into a conversation about how we got married. Now, we can also say that you also are a Events planner, Travel Agent and a Officiant, we highly recommend you! I would trust you over the online travel agency versions any day. We have your card still for ready reference to give to Anyone :):):) Peace out, Joey!
God bless you and your family 😀 Mandy
Hey Joey.. Sounds like you are keeping busy. That’s Great! I want to Thank You again for Everything! We had a great time! Nathan